Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Off My Back

My favourite song at the moment:

I went to a party last night and people were dancing. Not very much dancing but I have been to parties where there was more dancing so let us imagine. Now, in our minds we are at a half-real, half-unreal hypothetical party. That is, the party I went to last night only with more dancing. The dancing was mostly in earnest and then sometimes joke dancing. And then sometimes it was the 'I am joke dancing (but secretly these are my dance moves and I am dancing in earnest)' dancing. I think people look very silly when they dance most of the time even though often it is quite pleasant to watch and quite fun to do. But consider the 'oldentimes' when dancing was both the aforemention things and less silly. Perhaps these oldentimes were the golden age of dancing. It seems everything in the past was the golden age. How nice.
Anyway perhaps people should earnestly engage in joke dancing that does not look silly, for instance:
  • the cat dance
  • the one foot shuffle
  • the creaming arm-wave
  • the fingers froth
  • the c.l.a.w.
  • the box step
  • the box-car hobo
  • and others.
Recommended viewing material:

Just something to ponder. Yes, and goodnight.

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