Saturday, July 18, 2009


P.S. some of the templates on here are literally the gayest things I've ever seen.
I am passing a great deal of judgement on whoever uses them.
Mine is still relatively gay so this is a bit hypocritical but I am ceebs to improve it whereas some people clearly spend well mad amounts of time on here and still can't be fucked.
Anyway, I'm off to file my tax return, sigh, so whatever.
(Writer's note: please pronounce the 'h' from 'whatever' in your head as you read that. It was my intention that you do so.)
OK Thanksyou, goodbyes, yes, thanks, ok, bye.

P.P.S. OK so I just had to also mention how much I am enjoying the taglines people write in order to entice people to read their blog. They make me 'lol.'
Here is a sample of some of the lil 'About Me' sections from the some of the most viewed blogs on tumblr. Pretty sure approximately all of the content of 90% of the following blogs is either soft porn, macho posturing or pretentious pseudo-artistic drivel that people set as their homepage so others will think they are complex/interesting/creative. Enjoy:
- the lovely bones: 'Haemophilia. I rush into a secret house. girl. 18 years old.'
- eyesofjealousy: 'I am an inspirational 15 year-old girl from Jersey. Unfollow me if you're going to bash my ideals. '
- Haleigh: 'I'm just a girl, trying to survive the pressures of high school. Check out my photos.'
- jesuisperdu: 'winslow. 20. male. destroying apathy. fuck statistics. fan of kites, owl and the little prince.' (ok this one actually is semi-cool aha)
- mypeterpancomplex/treecastles: 'she was a wreck, but he loved her, she was a wreck, but so was he - copeland.' (she also has a poeam about a 'sea of tears.' deep.)
- andhegetsthegirl: 'Welcome to the 'effed up place called my mind!Hope you enjoy your stayNote: We are not responsible for any damages that may and will occur to your ego. :D'

God, I love the internet.

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