Sunday, August 02, 2009

Untitled (had a pun for the title and then decided it was lame. Comment with suggestions for titles. Kthx)

The Dorritos suck here. The flavour name is Tex-Mex and the pack is the same as Mexican but they are actually Nacho Cheese which is disgusting. I keep starting blog updates but not being able to finish them because someone is tapping their foot behind me for the internet. Not even sure if I want to blog. It is too hard not to lie/not to feel really uncomfortable about being honest.
I have become obsessed with women's bodies lately. I love extremely fat women. We are at the bach and there are fat women, oiled up, brown, lying around like seals. And also some anorexic girls who look so languid there, like dried out kelp (the word languid is much too overused).
The fat women have bubbly cellulite on their thighs, like boiling caramel and smooth, curved, sectioned bellies, lobsters' undersides.
The air is hot and relaxing. I think I might be burning. I forgot to bring sunscreen.
Our hostel is very, extremely good. There are quite a few Australians. I don't feel like this is my ideal atmoshpere although it is very nice. There are a lot of young, female, American tourists. Everything they say sounds mean. They are usually very pretty or very ugly and always tanned.
There is a pidgeon walking on the sand. I wonder if its feet hurt. The vendors walk up and down the beach 100 times in one day. They try to sell you massages, drinks, food, and clothing. We bought some fresh coconut for €1.50. It was a rip-off. Oh well.
I feel like we have been too oppulent so far. We have eaten prepared meals out the last 2 nights, and bought quite a few snacks. I suppose it doesn't really matter. I want to lose weight while I'm here but I don't really care about getting a tan.
I want to be sure we get a cultural experience not just go to the beach all day. I'm falling asleep from the heat. The water is very blue. I think maybe I'm wrong and tihs is part of the cultural experience. Not sure. Going to nap now. Tonight we dance.


  1. you want to lose weight? wtf. explain.

    ps. if you want some thinspiration i know some greeaaat sites.

  2. never too rich, or too thin. or too weird.