Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In in inininin injuns

''I knew in the back of my mind that she hated me but there was my kindly
mother offering me a glass of mineral water just like any other day.''

That is an in-joke of the kind that it is a joke with myself and also a joke with another person who probably doesn't read this and also for people who read a certain kind of books.

I'm listening to ambient music that plays on the 'planner page' of Foxtel IQ and it has put me in a stupid and cryptic mood. The music is the gayest. I don't even get who it's supposed to appeal to because I would have thought it was meant to be inoffensive but it sounds like soft-core porn half the time. They should just put on some Tito Puente or whatever and be done with it but instead it's like depressingly suggestive elevator jive music. The guy who programs it would totally be one of those people who tells kids they don't know how to say 'jive' properly cause 'you weren't there man', and is dying inside because of his job that it's taken 20 years to work his way up to, crying himself to sleep at night with thoughts of the 'totally radical' band he was in in high school. I think I would like to meet this guy actually, he sounds pretty awesome.

I love the flapper in Sunrise and how she makes love to her man. She's so completely lovely, rabidly lovely, crazily wrigglingly lovely. I would like to be like that.

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