Tuesday, March 30, 2010

things are things

When I was little I went with my big sister to the movies and we watched
Iron Giant. There's something good about Iron Giant, besides the fact
that it's generally an awesome movie to watch. I like how the giant, the good guy, is
so scary looking, like he wants to invade and kill and smash shit up. He
looks like an amalgam of every nightmare you have as a kid, and even
though I loved watching it I did have nightmares about him, about a big
robotic man and spotlight eyes. In the nightmares I'd have to turn the
light in his eyes out by unscrewing them, but it never quite worked.
That's what a great kids story should do. It should be like a rug, that
has only beautiful, warm somethings that invite you to sink your hands
into them on top. But when you do, below are tingly-rough fibres that
catch on your nails and tug 'til you hurt. They should seed
insecurities, insecurities that become the stuff of nightmares.

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